Together We Stand

During this unusual time, the St. Norbert eLearning website will provide teachers an opportunity to post high-quality educational resources.  This one-stop site is for both Parents and Students to discover engaging grade-level extended activities. 

These resources are to compliment the core eLearning lessons assigned by each grade level teacher. All resources posted on this site are to be an option for parents and students to use after completing core lesson plans.  Any feedback from those using the site will help St. Norbert School’s overall eLearning experience. Enjoy, stay healthy, and keep washing those hands. 

Begin your eLearning search . . .

(preK to 8th) Standards-aligned award winning e-learning resources. The trusted PBS content and quality support materials allows teachers to incorporate engaging assignments to encourage creativity and problem-solving. Browse by subject, grade level, and standards. Added features include customize dashboard for managing assignments, interactive lesson plans, and more.

(preK to 8th) Students practice personalized learning by deciding their own pace. Learners from kindergarten to more advanced studies identify their strengths and learning gaps using state-of-the-art, adaptive technology. Khan Academy partners include NASA, Museum of Modern Art, California Academy of Sciences, and MIT to offer specialized content.

(K-8) Differentiated reading instruction platform to improve comprehension and build vocabulary. The library of curated nonfiction and literary articles supports a research-based curriculum. The Article-A-Day Scope & Sequence is a 10-minute daily routine designed to help plan an entire school year. Reading comprehension, vocabulary, and formative assessments on lessons — use innovative instructional design featuring embedded teacher training — aligned to all states’ standards. Browse by subject, grade, lexile level, and standards.

(preK-8) The curriculum is a research-based cross disciplinary approach on student cognition and learning, best practices of teaching, and formative and summative assessments. Each unit builds a solid, comprehensive understanding of life, Earth, space, and physical sciences. Content meets national and state standards, uses enhanced learning technology tools to help students visualize processes and relationships that are too small or large to study in a classroom setting.

(K-8) For twenty-five years Concord Consortium has engaged students with scientifically accurate virtual labs and hands-on digital tools. Make the invisible visible in a way that brings out the inner scientist in everyone. NGSS aligned pathways. Browse by subject, material, grade level.

(K-8) A public learning laboratory exploring the world through science, art, and human perception. Become an active explorer using a variety of teaching and learning tools to spark curiosity, exploration, and understanding. The exhibits and expertise are shared with museums worldwide.

(preK – 8) Resource Library offers high-quality, standards-based, educational resources and activities. Many free maps, lesson plans, imagery, interactives, and reference materials have been curated into collections grounded in the bold and transformative approach that National Geographic takes around science, exploration and storytelling.

(preK-8) A “Learning at Home” series providing 20 days’ worth of active learning journeys designed to reinforce and sustain educational opportunities for reading, thinking and growing. Other teacher resources includes virtual book tours, Summer Read-a-Palooza, ScienceFlix, reading and writing quests, home base, and more.

(K-8) Offers 1,500+ math skills ranging from first- to third-level Depth-Of-Knowledge (DOK). Students practice fluency and knowledge of basic concepts and routine procedures. Then begin to interpret and understand what the question is asking. Students don’t just grasp new knowledge — but learn to apply it. John Hopkins University key findings.


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Northbrook Public Library Summer Reading 2020 Starts July 1